Monday, October 7, 2013

OOTD: Staying In

Today is the day that the heat wave finally broke.  It started raining today and my horses are in heaven.  My look for the day is a Dark Autumn, Kibbe Natural Look.  DYT-wise it is probably more 2/3 than anything.


I have not reconciled having Dark Autumn coloring with the DYT types.  If draped in the card colors, I would almost certainly be Type3; however, I have never had anyone think that I was a Type 3.  I do not have a heavy handed punch behind my actions.  I have a 3/4 brother, and a 1/3 brother.  The energies they have, are not much like mine.  I am compared to my mother and she is a 3/2.

This has got to be my having a North Node in Pisces.  I am not meant to be categorized, LOL. ;)

I've been rather boring today.  I checked on the horses this morning; chased my cat around the yard in the rain (why he wants to stay out so badly, who knows?); and will be running out in the rain later to feed the horses.

Some may know that I am feeling out my options job-wise.  I can't work long or hard hours and need flexibility; especially if I have to take off on a bad health day.  So far, unpaid social media internships are what is out there (which I have little to no experience in and they generally take students).

Along those lines, just FYI, if you don't work for a few years and go back to work, be prepared to be drilled.  I expected the usual:  'did you get married', 'did you have kids', etc.  What I got was more along the lines of (and I am paraphrasing here):  you haven't worked for 3 years, what's wrong with you? [it was prison wasn't it?].

Umm, wow.  Apparently, I do not give off the 'mom' vibe, though some did wonder how I supported my child while in 'prison'.  What is going on with the world?  LOL.  And since when is there a test required to get a job?  I've been a little out of the loop, but come on.

So my saga continues.  I'm not that anxious to start working again, so I'm letting it play out as it will.  I just haven't found the right place yet. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  Happy Monday :)

Love & Sunshine,

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