Saturday, October 5, 2013

OOTD: Lessons from Nature

Good morning, all :)

Today I went simple.  Mostly because nothing else I own is clean.  A casual look in Bright Winter colors.  I will probably trade out the pants for shorts in about an hour.  It should reach 90 F today, yikes!


Yesterday, I went to get my Acupuncture treatment.  As I was lying there, letting the energy do its thing, I noticed this tree through the window.  The presence of a tree outside is hardly unusual, nevertheless, this one stood out to me.  It is Autumn now, so it's a time of leaves changing and falling.  (Though, with the heat, the leaves here have just been turning brown and dropping).  The tree was illuminated against a sunny sky with long white fluffy clouds.  It gave me a sense of staring at the archetypal Tree of Life.  So I watched it.

I watched the wind keep it flowing.  I watched the leaves slowly blow away and drop.  Every time I looked away and then back, it seemed lighter, airier.  It was as if it were revealing its lessons and soul to me minute by minute.  I could feel the sense of letting go of what was no longer fresh and alive.  Letting go of what was no longer working; the deadweight we all carry.  Getting ready for the Water months of Winter.  A time to recoup and meditate.

I watched the branches move in the wind.  I watched them fork and weave; showing me that picking one path in life doesn't mean that you can't make your way back to the other.  Sometimes life gives you another path that leads you over to where you need to be.  Life is full of these paths and choices.  The smallest choices can lead you to infinite possibilities.

When I left, I had a sense of peace, and knowing; the feeling that a Higher Power was taking care of me, in me, and all around.

 Love & Sunshine,

P.S.  Anyone else have a cat that will only drink water out of their glass?  I tried just any glass of water, but no, it has to be mine.  "No, you drink first." "Never know what could be in it."

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