Monday, October 21, 2013

Bubble Baths and Mercury

Hi, all :)

I've been so busy with my horses, I haven't had time to post in awhile.  This was my walk yesterday to fetch my mare :) 

We've been going through a bit of a cold snap so I've had to dig into my coat and scarf collection.  I've been wearing Summer colors from CMAS lately. The colors feel very soothing and comfortable.  I've been sticking with my DYT Type 2, Kibbe Natural looks.
I pulled out Flower's (my mare) warm, fleecy cooler, towels and gave her a warm shower with some herb-y shampoo.  I love giving her baths because she loves them!!  It was a wonderful day with two of my favorite 'people'.

As a side note, Mercury went retrograde today; and for those of you who wanted the opportunity to let go of the old and finish the unfinished, this is it.  Until November 10th, you have an unpredictable pause button that will hit when you don't want it, but likely need it.  Keep your phone charged and be aware that this is a time of miscommunications, electronic mishaps, and delays.  This is a good time to complete any projects that are unfinished and let 'things' come up as they will.  Give yourself extra time, and enjoy the 'pause' button :)

Love & Sunshine,

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