Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallow's Eve (aka the day Chris Rock Delivered my floor)

Happy Halloween, my lovely friends :)

I had these elaborate plans to put together an amazing costume complete with Sugar Skull Makeup.  I also choose this time to refinish the deck and help remodel my father's office.  And I have a horse in training/rehab.  Therefore in lieu of an incredible costume, I went with a shocked expression and burnt orange/black clothing.

A feisty Kibbe Natural, Dark Autumn, Type 3 look, that I absolutely love!!  (I did a lazy man's makeup job today with nothing but lipstick and bedhead.) I feel super sassy in this outfit, like I could conquer the world!  (Those of you who have seen the newest Carol Blog will get the reference ;)

BTW I loved the blog post with Sarah in the 4 types.  All of the outfits were amazing, and the energy difference in the the 1,2, and 4 outfits was definitely not in harmony with her own energy.  I want her haircut!!

My life of late has been rather busy.  Yes, I am still unemployed, but who has time for a job these days!!  I have so much to do, LOL.  The deck is almost completely done, with some new kitty paw-prints along the top.  My cats all sneaked out; even the one who feigned napping.  I rather like the paw-prints.  They add character :)

The weather was gorgeous yesterday, so I rode my horse out in the field.  He loved it!!  It is so nice to feel Big Chief move like a horse again, after all his injuries.  He even smoothly dodged the dog that ran gleefully over to show us his dead animal bone.  He's more of a 'cat person.'

I was actually home for the floor delivery for my father's office this time.  FedEx freight very kindly gave me a delivery time between 10 am and 6 pm, so I had no excuse for missing it the first time.  I was really happy I did not miss it this time, not because I was so excited to get the floor (which I was), but because of the man that brought it.

Yes, everyone, the title is not a typo, Chris Rock delivered my floor.  He popped out of the truck cracking jokes, dragged a flat of flooring up the driveway (bounced, really), and rode the palette lift down the drive and around the truck.  My whole body was aching from laughter.  (He wasn't actually Chris Rock, if you didn't get that.)  For those energy typing fanatics, he was a Type 1 (probably secondary 3).  He had the biggest, happiest smile I've ever seen, and a bounce to his walk.

I hope y'all are enjoying Halloween.  Stay safe, but not too safe IYKWIM :)

Love & Sunshine,

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