Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallow's Eve (aka the day Chris Rock Delivered my floor)

Happy Halloween, my lovely friends :)

I had these elaborate plans to put together an amazing costume complete with Sugar Skull Makeup.  I also choose this time to refinish the deck and help remodel my father's office.  And I have a horse in training/rehab.  Therefore in lieu of an incredible costume, I went with a shocked expression and burnt orange/black clothing.

A feisty Kibbe Natural, Dark Autumn, Type 3 look, that I absolutely love!!  (I did a lazy man's makeup job today with nothing but lipstick and bedhead.) I feel super sassy in this outfit, like I could conquer the world!  (Those of you who have seen the newest Carol Blog will get the reference ;)

BTW I loved the blog post with Sarah in the 4 types.  All of the outfits were amazing, and the energy difference in the the 1,2, and 4 outfits was definitely not in harmony with her own energy.  I want her haircut!!

My life of late has been rather busy.  Yes, I am still unemployed, but who has time for a job these days!!  I have so much to do, LOL.  The deck is almost completely done, with some new kitty paw-prints along the top.  My cats all sneaked out; even the one who feigned napping.  I rather like the paw-prints.  They add character :)

The weather was gorgeous yesterday, so I rode my horse out in the field.  He loved it!!  It is so nice to feel Big Chief move like a horse again, after all his injuries.  He even smoothly dodged the dog that ran gleefully over to show us his dead animal bone.  He's more of a 'cat person.'

I was actually home for the floor delivery for my father's office this time.  FedEx freight very kindly gave me a delivery time between 10 am and 6 pm, so I had no excuse for missing it the first time.  I was really happy I did not miss it this time, not because I was so excited to get the floor (which I was), but because of the man that brought it.

Yes, everyone, the title is not a typo, Chris Rock delivered my floor.  He popped out of the truck cracking jokes, dragged a flat of flooring up the driveway (bounced, really), and rode the palette lift down the drive and around the truck.  My whole body was aching from laughter.  (He wasn't actually Chris Rock, if you didn't get that.)  For those energy typing fanatics, he was a Type 1 (probably secondary 3).  He had the biggest, happiest smile I've ever seen, and a bounce to his walk.

I hope y'all are enjoying Halloween.  Stay safe, but not too safe IYKWIM :)

Love & Sunshine,

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday

OOTD:  I went with super soothing T2 & 4 blues with denim and cowboy boots.  Super comfortable and great for stomping around the horse barn :)

In other news, my family really needs to work on our picture posing, LOL ;)  This was a few years ago at Christmas.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far :)

#dadandme #throwbackthursday

Love & Sunshine,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bubble Baths and Mercury

Hi, all :)

I've been so busy with my horses, I haven't had time to post in awhile.  This was my walk yesterday to fetch my mare :) 

We've been going through a bit of a cold snap so I've had to dig into my coat and scarf collection.  I've been wearing Summer colors from CMAS lately. The colors feel very soothing and comfortable.  I've been sticking with my DYT Type 2, Kibbe Natural looks.
I pulled out Flower's (my mare) warm, fleecy cooler, towels and gave her a warm shower with some herb-y shampoo.  I love giving her baths because she loves them!!  It was a wonderful day with two of my favorite 'people'.

As a side note, Mercury went retrograde today; and for those of you who wanted the opportunity to let go of the old and finish the unfinished, this is it.  Until November 10th, you have an unpredictable pause button that will hit when you don't want it, but likely need it.  Keep your phone charged and be aware that this is a time of miscommunications, electronic mishaps, and delays.  This is a good time to complete any projects that are unfinished and let 'things' come up as they will.  Give yourself extra time, and enjoy the 'pause' button :)

Love & Sunshine,

Monday, October 7, 2013

OOTD: Staying In

Today is the day that the heat wave finally broke.  It started raining today and my horses are in heaven.  My look for the day is a Dark Autumn, Kibbe Natural Look.  DYT-wise it is probably more 2/3 than anything.


I have not reconciled having Dark Autumn coloring with the DYT types.  If draped in the card colors, I would almost certainly be Type3; however, I have never had anyone think that I was a Type 3.  I do not have a heavy handed punch behind my actions.  I have a 3/4 brother, and a 1/3 brother.  The energies they have, are not much like mine.  I am compared to my mother and she is a 3/2.

This has got to be my having a North Node in Pisces.  I am not meant to be categorized, LOL. ;)

I've been rather boring today.  I checked on the horses this morning; chased my cat around the yard in the rain (why he wants to stay out so badly, who knows?); and will be running out in the rain later to feed the horses.

Some may know that I am feeling out my options job-wise.  I can't work long or hard hours and need flexibility; especially if I have to take off on a bad health day.  So far, unpaid social media internships are what is out there (which I have little to no experience in and they generally take students).

Along those lines, just FYI, if you don't work for a few years and go back to work, be prepared to be drilled.  I expected the usual:  'did you get married', 'did you have kids', etc.  What I got was more along the lines of (and I am paraphrasing here):  you haven't worked for 3 years, what's wrong with you? [it was prison wasn't it?].

Umm, wow.  Apparently, I do not give off the 'mom' vibe, though some did wonder how I supported my child while in 'prison'.  What is going on with the world?  LOL.  And since when is there a test required to get a job?  I've been a little out of the loop, but come on.

So my saga continues.  I'm not that anxious to start working again, so I'm letting it play out as it will.  I just haven't found the right place yet. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  Happy Monday :)

Love & Sunshine,

Saturday, October 5, 2013

OOTD: Lessons from Nature

Good morning, all :)

Today I went simple.  Mostly because nothing else I own is clean.  A casual look in Bright Winter colors.  I will probably trade out the pants for shorts in about an hour.  It should reach 90 F today, yikes!


Yesterday, I went to get my Acupuncture treatment.  As I was lying there, letting the energy do its thing, I noticed this tree through the window.  The presence of a tree outside is hardly unusual, nevertheless, this one stood out to me.  It is Autumn now, so it's a time of leaves changing and falling.  (Though, with the heat, the leaves here have just been turning brown and dropping).  The tree was illuminated against a sunny sky with long white fluffy clouds.  It gave me a sense of staring at the archetypal Tree of Life.  So I watched it.

I watched the wind keep it flowing.  I watched the leaves slowly blow away and drop.  Every time I looked away and then back, it seemed lighter, airier.  It was as if it were revealing its lessons and soul to me minute by minute.  I could feel the sense of letting go of what was no longer fresh and alive.  Letting go of what was no longer working; the deadweight we all carry.  Getting ready for the Water months of Winter.  A time to recoup and meditate.

I watched the branches move in the wind.  I watched them fork and weave; showing me that picking one path in life doesn't mean that you can't make your way back to the other.  Sometimes life gives you another path that leads you over to where you need to be.  Life is full of these paths and choices.  The smallest choices can lead you to infinite possibilities.

When I left, I had a sense of peace, and knowing; the feeling that a Higher Power was taking care of me, in me, and all around.

 Love & Sunshine,

P.S.  Anyone else have a cat that will only drink water out of their glass?  I tried just any glass of water, but no, it has to be mine.  "No, you drink first." "Never know what could be in it."

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OOTD: It's That Time of Year Again...

Hi, all :)

Today is a day I have been putting off as long as possible...clipping my pony.  Don't get me wrong, she is wonderful.  She stands without being tied and puts up with my fussing, which I hope is what she would say about me, as well.  It is such an uncomfortable task.  Anyone who has clipped a dog, multiply that by a million.  It is so much hair, takes a long time, and the clipper vibration and sound starts to get to you after awhile.

Having said that, the end product is worth it.  She is shiny, cool, and happy.  (Cue the Shiny Happy People song).

I wore this minus the jacket (because it was in the upper 80's.)

Bright Winter Colors and a fun DYT 4/1 look.  I've completely abandoned the Type 2 30 Day Challenge, if you couldn't tell.  This look felt very fresh and comfortable.

I leave you all with this image; aka 'what I will be doing the rest of the evening'.


Love & Sunshine,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OOTD: Getting Ready For Autumn

 Good Afternoon, all:

 This outfit incorporates Dark Autumn coloring  with a T2/3 energy feel.  I feel really good in this outfit.  The necklace may be a bit heavy but it works with the overall look.  I am a Kibbe Natural of some sort likely, but feel best when I have some gamine element to my look ;)


My favorite part of this look is my Joe's ankle jeans and Michael Kors studded kitten heels.  Paired with a Target top, trinket shop find necklace, a Revlon Fig Jam Lip Butter, it makes a great everyday look for this time of year.  

Weather has been in the upper 70's and 80's this past week in the Washington, DC area, so a light look is a must!

I look forward to sharing with y'all tomorrow :)

Love & Sunshine,

P.S.  (I have a little of my style/energy typing/astrology/etc.  background in the About Me section.)

Welcome :)

Hello, all :)

Thank you for checking out my blog.  Some of you may know me from the style communities on yuku and Facebook.  I am putting all my crazy thoughts about style and energy typing and feelings in one place.  I may do some vlogging, and definitely will have OOTD up. 

I look forward to sharing with y'all.

Love & Sunshine,